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Scene The Salon 

What is a Gel manicure?

A gel manicure is a soft gel in the form of  a polish that is cured under a UV or LED lamp in order for the gel to dry.
The gel acts as an overlay on the natural nail to help with nail health and growth.
Gel polish is a soak off system so we recommend you maintain your gel manicure with regular 2-3 week appointments for gel removal and fresh application of gel.  


What is a BIAB manicure?

BIAB is best know as 
"Builder In A Bottle"
BIAB is designed to encourage natural nail growth and strength.
BIAB is a gel formulated to build structure to the natural nail. 
BIAB is hard wearing due to the durable layers.  
To maintain your BIAB manicure we recommend regular infill appointments every 3-4 weeks. 

Price List

Manicure With Gel Polish   

Gel Soak Off & New Gel Manicure Applied

Manicure With BIAB (Builder In A Bottle)

BIAB Infill (Builder In A Bottle)

Gel or BIAB Soak Off & Full Removal






.As part of our salon policy we cannot remove any work that has been applied by any other salon, this will need to be removed before your appointment with Scene.
.We cannot accept clients under 16 years of age.
.We require a minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice prior to any service.

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